Hans Urs von Balthasar

introductory materials

The following essays introduce Balthasar with a biographical sketch, a discussion of background and context, as well as an overview of his overall theological project.

  • "A Short Biography"
    an outline of Balthasar's life, talents, relationships, and achievements

  • "Formative Influences"
    the main influences, classical and modern, that shape Balthasar's thought

  • "An Overview"
    a brief consideration of Balthasar's overall theology

the trilogy

It is difficult to summarize Balthasar's thought, especially given the sheer magnitude of the Trilogy, with its 15 volumes, each of which is over--often well over--300 pages. And this doesn't even touch the many other works that serve to elucidate and expand the central themes of the Trilogy itself.

Thus the following is a rather selective survey of the Balthasarian corpus. Some themes are entirely passed over and others receive only scant attention.

  • "The Theological Aesthetics"
    some highlights of Balthasar's treatment of divine glory

  • "Theo-Drama"
    the central features of Balthasar's presentation of the drama of salvation

  • "Theo-Logic"
    Balthasar's approach to human knowing and the doctrine of Scipture

balthasar's legacy

While Balthasar's influence continues to grow, particularly through the journal Communio, his thought has profoundly influenced thinkers as diverse as Rowan Williams, Joseph Ratzinger, John Milbank, and David L. Schindler. The following is just one slice of that wider influence.